About Us

MultiSummit was founded on the principle of believing in and growing the multi-chain future in the blockchain and digital assets space. For each new summit, there is to overcome, MultiSummit helps along the way. We operate worldwide and provide consulting services in the area of web3 and blockchain development.

Our Values

To be at the forefront of driving the transition in crypto space and web3


We all are passionate to be involved and part of the web3/blockchain space

Lifelong learning
We believe in the continuing development of knowledge and skills throughout our lives

We must be transparent, honest, dependable, and reliable to each other

We are open and share views and opinions to work more efficiently and productively

We value every opinion, background, and welcome everyone to have a voice

Meet The Team


Marisa McKnight πŸ”—

Founding General Partner

Strategy & Partnerships

Wayne Tang πŸ”—

General Partner

Community, Ops, Strategy


Khanh Nguyen πŸ”—

Social Media Manager

Crypto_Dan πŸ”—

Community Manager


Josiah Choong πŸ”—

Business & Development Consultant

Valentine KeonyegwachieπŸ”—

Graphic Designer Consultant

Just Collab πŸ”—

Social Media Strategy Consultant

Clementine Garillon πŸ”—

Business Operations Consultant

Alessandra Guerriero πŸ”—

Business Operations Consultant

Valeria Roca πŸ”—

Business Operations Consultant