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Community management

The aim of our team is to support you in developing those strategies that best suit your project in order to build awareness and interest. Once we build a strong and active community, we focus on converting your users into customers.

Social Media: Twitter

Twitter is the largest social media platform used to promote cryptocurrencies, crypto projects, and blockchain initiatives. Given its huge user base, it has the potential to bring your project to a wider audience. It is also key to providing real-time announcements and updates, and increasing your brand awareness by connecting directly with followers.

With 5+ years of experience, our team can support you in finding the best tools for creating your unique voice. Having the goal of maximizing community engagement, we will help in formulating a strategy to build awareness, important connections, and an active community on Twitter.
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Discord and Telegram

Behind every successful crypto project, there is a thriving community. Telegram and Discord are currently the best platforms for hosting communities of blockchain projects.

MultiSummit will guide you to maintain and manage the community experience, by focusing on engaging members, and converting them to using your application or product. Furthermore, being a decentralized company, we are flexible enough to assist you at all times of the day, a crucial factor to success in managing a strong community.

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