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Innovative Partnerships

Thanks to our 5+ years of experience in web3 and crypto space, we provide support in identifying the partners that best suit your project. Additionally, we assist in preparing your market entry, ensuring it gets the highest possible resonance.

Campaign Management

We are well aware of the difficulties of planning a campaign in a dynamic ecosystem such as the crypto space. That is why it is even more crucial for the success of a project to run each step of the campaign, from planning to execution, in the most organized and smooth manner possible. Our team will support you in managing every step of this process, helping you to organize, segment, target and run multi-channel marketing assets, specifically tailored to your project.

Together, we will identify the strategies that will enable you to create and implement replicable processes for successful marketing campaigns.

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Roadmap Planning

Envisioning what you want to achieve is a fundamental first step toward a successful project. The next one is developing a solid strategic planning process that will turn your vision into reality. The output will be a roadmap. Internally, its purpose is to provide clear objectives and prioritize specific tasks. Instead, for investors, the roadmap provides an overview of the direction and vision of the project, while acting as a measure of the pace and success of the project.

Multisummit assists innovative projects and start-ups in defining short- and long-term goals. Together we will explore the project's objectives and vision, followed by defining development milestones with time estimates. To ensure the optimal success of your business, methodologies for implementing specific targets and customized key performance indicators (KPIs) will be outlined.

Market & Strategy Assessment

Developing and implementing crypto projects involves a wide range of skills, from process know-how to competencies in regulatory and navigating issues. When entering the crypto space, a multidisciplinary business perspective is recommended. In doing so, you should not only define your own business model but also that of other players, to understand how your capabilities can align with the needs of the market.

Our expert advisory team can support you in addressing these key steps, assisting you in lowering your risk and finding the right entry point into the market.

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Competitive Analysis

The crypto space is an extremely dynamic environment, where there are no fixed roles and balances. To stay ahead, you will have to constantly be engaged in understanding your customers' needs and, at the same time, keep up with the latest market trends. For this purpose, it will be valuable to identify your competitors, both direct and indirect, in order to gain a competitive edge over them.

Our team will support you in the process of identifying your main competitors and researching their products, sales, marketing, and strategy. Our goal will be to recognize ways to improve your business strategy and outperform your competitors, while retaining customer attention.

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