Innovative Partnerships

Thanks to our 5+ years of experience in web3 and crypto space, we provide support in identifying the partners that best suit your project. Additionally, we assist in preparing your market entry, ensuring it gets the highest possible resonance.

User Acquisition & Retention

Developing a user acquisition strategy that identifies effective trends and patterns is one of the best ways to eliminate the unnecessary expenditures coming from guesswork. Our qualified team will assist you in the process, exclusively focusing on the growth of your business. With the increasing competition in the crypto space, the user retention strategy became a key factor too.

For this reason, Multisummit understands the importance of supporting you in building a healthy audience relationship, to make you stand out in the blockchain space.

Connect CeFi & DeFi

Our objective is to close the gap between the mainstream centralized financial platform and the innovative decentralized financial space.

By creating a unique, seamless experience, MultiSummit has the goal of successfully connecting CeFi and DeFi players to achieve mutual benefit.

Product Marketing

As the crypto space is getting more and more crowded, a great project must be complemented by a strong and effective Product Marketing Strategy.

To ensure that your business achieves the best possible results in terms of reach, leads and investment, Multisummit is specialized in selecting and customizing the best marketing and go-to-market strategies, tools, and techniques.